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Have a question for Nina? Whether it’s about the mystic of the month, theology and culture, or your personal spiritual path, we’re all ears.

Wisdom of The Mystics Podcast isn’t a live call-in show, which means we don’t accept phone calls, but you can record a voicemail question on this page and submit it to Nina.

During each episode, we’ll choose questions, play it during the podcast, and Nina will reply. To submit a question, all you need is internet connection and a microphone. The built-in microphone on your computer works well.


Don't forget these 4 things before you record:

  1. Use a good microphone. The built-in mic on your iPhone, laptop, or desktop computer should suffice, but if you have an external microphone, even better. Make sure you're in a quiet place when you record.
  2. Make it 30 seconds or less. Your question should be clear and short. The software will only record the first 30 seconds of your message. We recommend practising before you hit record.
  3. State your first name and location. Start your call by telling us who you are and where you're from (ie: "My name is Martha from Chicago, and my question is...")
  4. Ask an actual question. If your question needs a content - keep it simple. Remember to phrase your query as a question rather than general commentary.


I’m all ears! Record your question below: