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There’s a compass inside you– pointing you towards who you were born to be. Are you ready to uncover the wisdom within you and create an inspiring, purposeful life?

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How to Make Important Life Decisions

Imagine making the right life choices, effortlessly. (That'd be bliss, right?) In this free audio training, 3 step Ignatian decision-making method for clear, stress-free decisions with no regrets.

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Hi! I’m Nina, spiritual director, storyteller and theology-enthusiast. If you want practical guidance to put your spirituality into action, you’ve come to the right place. Truth-seekers like you find clarity and purpose through our online education programs and world-class pilgrimages.

Meet Nina

Nina does her work with great reverence. Pilgrims are moved spiritually and intellectually by the depth of her knowledge.

Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit

I love teaching with Nina. Her devotion to her spiritual path is inspiring. Her love for the saints and mystics is infectious. I continue to learn so much from Nina, and I recommend her work wholeheartedly to you.

Dr. Robert Holden, author Shift Happens!

Merely writing about my experience doesn’t do it justice. The exuberance of these teachings has to be experienced because it can't be communicated with words! I was truly in the ‘now’. It was every bit as experiential as it is educational. The momentum catapults people to the mountain top of heightened awareness. There are no words to describe it except to say: it is powerful and life-changing and your soul will LOVE IT.

Marylin, CA, USA, Frequent guest onDancing Spirit Tours

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Wisdom Of The Mystics

Dive deep into this exclusive membership circle that revives the essential teachings of western sages such as Teresa of Avila, Thomas Merton, Mary Magdalene, Jesus of Nazareth and more. This ongoing program turns sacred texts and traditions into practical guidance for seekers like you. We focus on a new mystic every month.

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Artwork Behind the Veil by Thomas Dodd

Wisdom of the Mystics Membership

Make Me An Instrument

Explore the revolutionary teachings of St Francis and St Clare. This 7 week interactive multimedia online program calls you to elevate your spirituality from self-mastery to sacred service. If you want to help heal our hurting world, this program is your guide to developing the clarity and confidence you need to respond to the call.

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Sacred Journeys for the Modern Pilgrim

Dancing Spirit Tours

Treat yourself to a luxury travel experience while doing your inner work. Join a pilgrimage to immerse yourself in spiritual traditions from around the world. Choose your soul-quenching adventure: walk the Camino of St. Ignatius in Spain; learn shamanic techniques at Stonehenge; discover otherworldly landscapes in Iceland, and more!

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Dancing Spirit Tours

I’m now connected to myself in such deep ways I've never explored before.

Angelica, CA, USA

If you feel ANY inclination towards signing up with Nina, I would highly recommend you GO FOR IT! It's so rich, filled with beauty, insights and depth.

Cynthia, England

I was struggling with depression. Less than three days in, I was in a different, lighter, more engaged place.

Kate, CO, USA

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