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I'm Nina

You have the power to bring mystical laws to life in practical and meaningful ways. No fluff or abstract concepts, just down-to-earth strategies that empower you to trust your intuition, break free from fear, and manifest the life you truly desire. As a Franciscan Sister and spiritual director, it’s my heartfelt mission is to help you deepen your connection to the Divine. 

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Love Notes

Nina’s programs are an absolute game-changer.

I am beyond thrilled to share how it has profoundly transformed my life. I have much greater clarity about my inner life and how it unfolds. The work has provided me with invaluable insights into what truly matters to me, what propels me forward, and what aligns with my core values. I now navigate my thoughts, relationships, and daily priorities with ease, conviction, and a newfound sense of purpose.

Michael, Australia

Every bit as experiential as it is educational.

There are no words to describe it except to say: it is powerful and life-changing and your soul will LOVE IT. The momentum catapults people to the mountain top of heightened awareness.

marylin, ca, usa

Deeply soul-enriching pilgrimages. 

Careful, intelligent, innovative planning is evident from the moment of arrival, not only for our physical needs, but also our spiritual and social needs. On other trips I have been a tourist, but when traveling with Nina, I am a pilgrim. On other trips I have made acquaintances, traveling with Nina, I form deep, lasting bonds. On other trips I return home with pictures, traveling with Nina.

Nancy , VA, USA

If you're looking for insights into the universal laws that dictate your life, this is for you!

Mysticism is about seeing things from new perspectives; different aspects of my life now work together, creating a sense of harmony and support that has led me to amazing opportunities I would have never imagined. I’m so thankful for this mystical-renaissance.

Ingrid, Norway

Wow, just wow! This program is a true gem for anyone seeking something ‘real’.

I'm blown away by the insights and transformative power packed into this mystical journey. Integrating these teachings unleashed a torrent of positive change. I've unlocked a hidden treasure trove within me, and the practical tools I've acquired are like magnets for my desires.

Laina, Hawaii, USA

I came home with a transformed view of my life and the world. 

There are no words to express how devoted Nina and her team are to making sure everyone was taken care of at every moment. Nina, who has done research beyond belief, has woven it into a tapestry of the richest spiritual teachings. My life was transformed on this program in a way that was incomprehensible to me before I went.

Ilka, ID, USA

3 Keys To Unlock Your Connection To The Divine

This transformational masterclass is your chance to connect with your soul. Plus, you’ll receive a free copy of The Workbook with practical exercises to infuse these principles into your daily life.


  • Trust your inner wisdom and let it guide your actions.
  • Connect your spiritual experiences to everyday life.
  • Discover the non-dual nature of mystical awe.

Free Masterclass

Holy Rebels Podcast

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If you’re seeking a deeper connection to the sacred, this vibrant audio tapestry will leave you spellbound. Join our global community of listeners in 50+ countries and find out why Holy Rebels has become an irresistible sensation!

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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Teilhard de chardin

Featured Offers To connect you to your inner power

Nature Mysticism in Assisi

Experience an intimate spiritual retreat in the gentle spirit of Francis and Clare of Assisi. Bask in the serene beauty of Umbria, where every leaf, stone, and river whispers the wisdom of the divine.



VIP Spiritual Direction

Connect with your inner compass, embrace your deepest desire, and watch how you’re propelled into a life you genuinely love. This one-on-one mentoring program is for action-takers ready to level up. 

Is there a deep yearning within you to align with your destiny? 


Walk The Camino

This 500-year old spiritual curriculum will challenge you to cultivate integrity and purpose. If you want to unlock your innate ability to make wiser choices, this is for you.

Experience the power of self-reflection while trekking on the Camino trail. 


Nina does her work with great reverence. People are moved spiritually and intellectually by the depth of her knowledge.

Caroline Myss

Author of Anatomy of the Spirit

Nina exudes joy and happiness. Her world-class presentations are professional... and she is also giving of herself to her programs. 

Linda MacGowen



Dr. Robert Holden

I love teaching with Nina. Her devotion to her spiritual path is inspiring. Her love for the saints and mystics is infectious.

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