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Wow, just wow!

I’m blown away by the insights and transformative power packed into this mystical journey. Integrating these teachings unleashed a torrent of positive change. I’ve unlocked a hidden treasure trove within me, and the practical tools I’ve acquired are like magnets for my desires. 


"It’s as if Nina knew the mystics personally."

She’s the real deal! Her programs are a journey deep into your soul, guided by an exceptional teacher. I can't recommend it enough!

Josie, NY, USA

"Merely writing about my experience doesn’t do it justice."

The exuberance of these teachings has to be experienced because it can't be communicated with words! I was truly in the ‘now’. It was every bit as experiential as it is educational. The momentum catapults people to the mountain top of heightened awareness. There are no words to describe it except to say: it is powerful and life-changing and your soul will LOVE IT.

Marylin, CA, USA


There are no words to express how devoted Nina and her team are to making sure everyone was taken care of at every moment. Nina, who has done research beyond belief, has woven it into a tapestry of the richest spiritual teachings. My life was transformed on this program in a way that was incomprehensible to me before I went. This was a journey for my soul that will be with me forever.

Ilka, ID, USA

“Nina is one of the most genuine people I’ve met.”

Her depth of knowledge, wisdom, and experience shines through as she leads with humility and heartfelt care. Her love and joy are palpable. This online pilgrimage has brought clarity to the Christian gospel like never before, giving me a clear purpose in life. I’ve been continuously inspired and learned so much. It has been a profound and life-changing journey.


"More profound than I imagined, with exceptional organization and quality." 

Nina makes spiritual concepts approachable. Wisdom of The Mystics illuminates life's dichotomies and enhances my connection with nature and others. I feel harmonized and connected, realizing we are all one. 


“Nina’s programs are a gateway of inexplicable spiritual power,”

An experience that transcends words and touches the core of my soul. I wholeheartedly urge you to seize this opportunity to enroll. Give yourself the exquisite gift of deepening your own personal journey.


“Nina’s programs are an absolute game-changer.”

I am beyond thrilled to share how it has profoundly transformed my life. I have much greater clarity about my inner life and how it unfolds. The work has provided me with invaluable insights into what truly matters to me, what propels me forward, and what aligns with my core values. As a result, I now navigate my thoughts, relationships, and daily priorities with ease, conviction, and a newfound sense of purpose. Decision-making has become a breeze, and I feel an inner compass guiding me towards the most fulfilling choices.


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"Grateful for this incredible shift!"

For the first time in my life, I am truly confident that my decisions are coming from my highest self. It feels liberating, empowering and sooo expansive!

Lauren, Canada

"Imagine an experience that brings true joy. The Divine Feminine pilgrimage yields gifts of profound beauty to the spirit, mind, and body. "

This is an experience of ineffable spiritual power. It’s a combination of beauty, wisdom and profound inspiration. I highly recommend this trip as an exquisite gift to your own deepening journey.

Tim, NY, USA

"I want to tell you how deeply my heart was touched by my Dancing Spirit retreat in Assisi."

Although raised Catholic, I really met St. Francis and St. Clare for the first time through Nina. Now I feel them in my life. I also have an appreciation of my Catholic roots, which I had not felt in decades. This journey is a perfect combination of history, heart, and authenticity. I feel as though it ushered in this second half of my life — one I’m already loving and appreciating with a passion.

Terry, NV, USA

"I felt connected to myself in such deep ways I've never explored before."

This was the most meaningful trip I've ever been on, and I travel a lot. I'm coming back for more and bringing my future children so they may have a sacred journey too.

Angelica, CA, USA

"I experienced a deep personal breakthrough while walking on the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral."

Singing together and listening to stories about the symbolism of the labyrinth gave me a new perspective on where I am in my life. Do yourself a favor and say 'yes' to this journey— just go for it!

Catherine, CA, USA

"It's difficult to put into words how much this journey changed me..."

...and to describe the deep, soulful connections I made with friends. My retreat was the greatest gift I've ever given myself.

Kelley, South Africa

"A fresh perspective on the hidden aspects of the Christian tradition—Nina is brilliant!"

I highly recommend her programs to anyone looking for personal growth, inner healing or spiritual awakening. I'm so grateful to dive into the beautiful sacred teachings of the western tradition. Not only did it help me clarify what I want to do with the next chapter of my life, but these lessons will inform my own work as a teacher of yogic philosophy for years to come.

Samantha, NY, USA


We’re here to help you turn your insights into`actions that will bring more joy into your life.

"Nina is one of those people who always has a sparkle in her eye. "

Whether listening to a friend, sharing in laughter, or delighting in something she’s recently learned, her inspired nature is contagious. Nina is also one of those rare people who expertly employs compassionate communication. Her authentic, non-formulaic approach to listening fosters a natural connection in which one can’t help but open up. 

Eden, Canada

"Nina's commentaries are exceptional. She is in the zone."

Her words were clearly inspired by spirit and I felt a very palpable channeling through them to my heart. Whatever Nina's process is for intuiting the right words— just enough to open hearts and allow the spirit to do its work— keep doing it!

Dani, SingaPore


... different aspects of my life now work together, creating a sense of harmony and support that has led me to amazing opportunities I would have never imagined… I’m so thankful for this mystical-renaissance… If you're looking for deep insights into the hidden universal laws that dictate your choices, I highly recommend Nina’s work. It’s a journey of personal growth like no other.

Ingrid, Norway

"Extraordinary! I'm astounded by the radiance of Nina’s presentation."

Her thoughtful scholarship and the mystical, intuitive connections in her portrayal of the mystics is nothing less than exquisite. Plus, the astounding quality of the videos and imagery is truly enriching. 

Steve, WA, USA

"My understanding of the saints has been completely transformed."

They have transcended mere concepts and become tangible figures in my life. I am immensely thankful for this profound revitalization of my spirituality.

Millie, Canada

"Deeply soul-enriching pilgrimages."

Careful, intelligent, innovative planning is evident from the moment of arrival, not only for our physical needs, but also our spiritual and social needs. On other trips I have been a tourist, but when traveling with Nina, I am a pilgrim. On other trips I have made acquaintances, traveling with Nina, I form deep, lasting bonds. On other trips I return home with pictures, traveling with Nina, I return home with nurturing, sustenance, and support for my spirit.

Nancy, VA, USA

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"The best place to hide something is inside yourself."

I’ve uncovered aspects of myself that I had long hidden away: strengths, passions, and creative pursuits that I haven’t felt since childhood. It’s been an incredible journey of rediscovering myself.

Alex, CA, USA

"This course was amazing!"

I learned about famous mystics and discovered more about myself. It brought healing to a whole new level and set me on a path of love, wonder, and appreciation for myself, others, and creation. 

Alejandro, Mexico

"The mystics hold keys to universal secrets that are stored in our ancestral memories."

 I felt a sense of clarity and insight into myself that I hadn't experienced before. Nina is an inspirational light whose wisdom guides people on their journey to discovering the true beauty of their soul.

Irena, Lithuania

"The soul is where real learning takes place."

Praying for the strength to get through whatever is in our experience is powerful because it creates the very answers we were looking for in the first place.

Erik, FL, USA

"I’ve been a Christian my whole life and am finding you wonderfully refreshing."

Your teachings make sense and most of all there is no judgment. Thank you for initiating such rich spiritual growth.

David, England

"Beautiful video lessons with stunning visuals of landscapes, architecture, paintings, and sculptures, catering to my love for history and art."

Each week, a new guided meditation helped me absorb the complex learnings. I listened to every meditation 3-4 times!!

Susan, WA, USA

"This experience was priceless."

I'm coming away with real friendships and a sacred experience of the land where my ancestors are from. I couldn't have accessed this level of depth by myself. 

Rick, New Zealand

"When I pay for a five-star journey, I expect five stars. Dancing Spirit exceeded this rating category by miles."

I have lived and explored all over Europe and am very aware of what tour companies offer. Nina and her team leave no detail to chance and make their pilgrimages outstanding experiences. I’m very fussy in making recommendations to my friends, and friends, I highly recommend Nina and her team.

Roxanne, Canada


Love Notes

The Celtic Shamanism pilgrimage offers access to monuments and beautiful places that are usually inaccessible to bigger groups! 

This intimate pilgrimage brought together my fascination with all things spiritual, natural, out-doorsy and cultural. And yet the journey still gave me an opportunity to enjoy enough me-time to come home feeling invigorated and refreshed! Nina transported us on a delightful journey of storytelling that provided historic and cultural information in a very entertaining and well-structured way.

Louise, Australia

I came home with a transformed view of my life and the world. 

There are no words to express how devoted Nina and her team are to making sure everyone was taken care of at every moment. Nina, who has done research beyond belief, has woven it into a tapestry of the richest spiritual teachings. My life was transformed on this program in a way that was incomprehensible to me before I went. This was a journey for my soul that will be with me forever.”

Ilka, ID, USA

I silenced the nagging voice of my ego and built the muscle that helps me tune into that quiet whisper of my heart.

For years I struggled with knowing what my true path should be, but now I am living my truth. It makes itself known as a giant roar! I am fully awake. Thank you so much.

Chelsea, South AFRICA

I can confidently say that you will not find this kind of experience with anyone else.

It’s unsurprising there are so many familiar faces on the programs! Ask anyone who’s attended, and they’ll tell you about the trust and friendships they established within the community. You can not experience these sacred places the same way on your own.

Mathias, Canada

I’m still carrying a heart full of love into my daily life...

... in my work, my community and with special friends and family. Everyone has told me they have ‘felt’ the energy in some way. I’ll be joining Nina on another adventure again. Her retreats are a perfect mix of sacred journey, relaxed and pampered holiday, and professional development. Highly, highly recommended.

Nadine, Australia

Nina and her team are true guardians of the soul.

It’s impossible not to grow spiritually on their pilgrimages, whether that is your intent or not. I’ve been to France, Austria, and England with them and look forward to further travels. I know I will learn, grow and be well taken care of during the journey. I highly recommend it.

Anne, NY, USA


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